Well, friends, this has been a long time in the planning and I’m so excited to finally announce some news!


If you’ve been around the blog before, then you probably know the passion I have for the stories behind the couples I am so lucky to work with. I’ve had a lot of requests for love sessions in other parts of the country, and when I looked at my calendar for the year, I happened to have a five week gap during the summer to finally make this trip happen!  It’s a big dream of mine, and I’ll be hitting the road for the month of July, making my way out west and then back again – by car – with the coolest puppy sidekick in the world.  I can’t wait! Some locations will be added in the next few months, but here is where the Love Sessions are headed:

Travel Dates

If you are interested in booking your love session, email me for more information! staceywindsorphotography@gmail.com


This love story is one that is pretty special to me.  If you’ve followed the blog for any stretch of time, you’ve seen these faces before.  They were my first models ever, and as my business gets ready to celebrate five years, these two are about to celebrate five years of marriage.  I can’t believe time has gone by so fast.

In case you haven’t seen these two before, Matt is my baby brother, which is why this love story is so special to me.  Matt met Lauren in high school. Lauren’s best friend lived next door to us so she spent a lot of time there, and my brother fell head over heels for the girl “visiting” next door.  When we were at their session I asked Matt if he remembered the first time he met Lauren.  He has a photographic memory, and didn’t miss a beat describing the day he first saw her in a white tank top and yellow shorts!

It was a few years before they finally got together, but it’s been ten years now.  These two have been through college, moving to the city, first jobs, second jobs, lots of good times and a few not so fun times over the years and it makes my heart so happy to see that their love just keeps growing with each year they are together.  They make each other better, they build each other up and they laugh together constantly.

And since they have lived their entire five years of marriage together in DC, it was only fitting to do their session in an iconic Washington D.C. location.

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Julie + Josh’s wedding day was one for the books!  I’ve photographed winter weddings before, but for this Valentines Day wedding, the weather was more than just chilly with temperatures below freezing and snow in the forecast for the evening! The wedding party was so awesome, sticking with me for outside portraits and making it look like we were hanging out on a summer day!

Despite the cold, Julie + Josh had the most beautiful wedding day surrounded by friends and family, with so much love and the most beautiful details for a burlap and lace kind of day.  And in a rare event where the weather forecast was actually correct, we got some crazy snow towards the end of the night and a few epic pictures to remember it!

Meet Julie + Josh:

sotterley_rustic_wedding_0078 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0080 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0083 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0081 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0082 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0084 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0085 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0086 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0101 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0102 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0104 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0103 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0105 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0106 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0107 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0087 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0088 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0089 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0090 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0097 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0094 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0095 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0096 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0100 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0099 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0098 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0093 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0092 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0091 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0108 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0110 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0109 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0112 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0111 sotterley_rustic_wedding_0113


Happy Tuesday everyone!  I’m so excited to share this engagement session with you today!  You may or may not know that I’m the daughter of a decorated DCFD firefighter. I also have an amazing nurse for a mother and I’m so proud to have been brought up around so many brave men and women who dedicate their lives to helping others.   It just so happens that Maureen and David are also a nurse and a firefighter and it was really great to have so much in common right off the bat!

Maureen + David are amazing together and they fit each other perfectly.  The way they look at each other – they never stop smiling and you just know they have the kind of love that will stand the test of time.  They also should be models on the side.  Seriously.

The day of their session I found out that David was getting the ultimate fire department prop and I was SO excited!!  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites – I just can’t wait for these two to tie the knot this summer!

Meet Maureen + David:

firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0077 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0075 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0074 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0073 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0076 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0072 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0094 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0078 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0080 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0081 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0079 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0082 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0083 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0084 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0085 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0086 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0087 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0089 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0088 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0091 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0093 firetruck_winter_maryland_engagement_0092

Oh my goodness.  Trying to find the words to describe this wedding day has been nearly impossible.  It was one of those days so overwhelmingly full of love and happiness that it’s hard to describe – but it was a pretty spectacular thing to be a part of.

I don’t think it’s any secret that I get a bit emotional about my couples.  Over the months leading up to their wedding day, I get to know them well and they become friends who I truly cannot wait to see start their happily ever after.  This goes double  for Elizabeth + AW.  From the first moment I met them I have just loved them and I waited all wedding season for their big day to arrive!! It was nothing short of perfect, from the gorgeous Woodlawn Estate venue, to the beautiful weather, and, of course, the amazing friends and family who were so genuinely happy to share in this day.

It was such an honor to be able to capture the start of this new adventure for Elizabeth + AW!  I think these images help to say all the things that I can’t find the words for.


woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0069 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0025 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0026 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0027 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0028 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0033 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0032 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0034 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0038 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0031 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0043 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0044 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0045 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0046 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0047 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0048 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0049 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0050 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0035 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0036 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0037 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0039 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0051 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0052 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0055 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0053 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0066 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0057 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0058 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0056 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0029 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0030 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0042 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0040 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0041 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0068 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0059 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0061 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0060 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0062 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0063 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0064 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0067