As I drove up to Northern Maryland for Jen + Mark’s wedding day, it quite literally took my breath away.  I knew right away it was going to be an amazing day.  And how could it not be?  Jen + Mark are two of the most incredibly sweet people.  They are so giving, loving, and they treasure their friends and family so very much.  And that is clearly a mutual feeling. It was evident in every aspect of their day, from getting ready at Jen’s grandmothers beautiful farmhouse, to the work Jen’s dad put into his vintage car to have it ready for pictures, to Mark’s younger brothers and their epic toast at the reception.  It was a day filled with love, not just between Jen + Mark, but for everyone who helped make their day possible.

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite from their beautiful wedding!

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  • October 16, 2014 - 9:34 pm

    Andrea - You did it again Stacey! Congrats Jen & Mark!!

From the moment I met Jenn + Justin, I wanted to be their new best friend.  I imagine anyone who meets them feels the same way.  Between Justin’s genuine southern charm and Jenn’s beautiful smile and bubbly personality, they are truly one of the most caring, wonderful couples I’ve ever worked with.  And, they are crazy in love with each other.  That do anything for you, fight anyone, I’ve got your hand in mine, we’re a team for life kind of love we all hope for.  They are going to take on the world together and do amazing things, and that makes me smile ear to ear.

Their wedding day was perfect.  It was full of beautiful light, love and laughing till your face hurt from smiling so much.  Favorite moments definitely include hanging out with the hysterical bridal party, the amazing sunset time I got to spend with Jenn + Justin on the water and the dance till you drop reception (Jenn I have NO idea how you made it the whole night in your heels!)

Enjoy a few of my favorites from their beautiful day!

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  • October 14, 2014 - 2:37 pm

    Andrea - Amazing Stacey! LOVE the picture of Jenn’s back in the sunlight. And the one of J&J right before that!

Oh goodness, fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  There is nothing like the light and the colors!  I met up with Candice + Jim at a gorgeous vineyard in Northern Virginia for their engagement pictures.  It was the perfect background, on a perfect day, and with the outfits that Candice chose, I was instantly a very, very happy photographer.

Candice + Jim were so much fun!  These two are just such happy, fun people to be around and they were such troopers as I had them walking all over this amazing vineyard (twice, I’m sure).  We had a mid session outfit change/check on fantasy football scores (these two are in a league with two other SWP couples – how much more awesome could it get?) and we ran back out to catch the sun as it peaked through the clouds for about two minutes!   It was a beautiful, perfect afternoon to capture some love and I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites with these two!


Meet Candice + Jim:

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I’m not really sure where to start with Jessica + Corey.  Since the day I met these two, they have had me in tears!! Haha! When two people with such amazing hearts come together, that is bound to happen I guess.  The love between these two is a thing of absolute beauty.  They really get what love is all about, and I’ve watched them over the past year, without fail, choose to love each other fully each and every day.  It’s a pretty amazing thing to witness.

Jess + Corey have been together for quite awhile, and it was so neat to watch the way their families treated each other like they had always belonged together.  Like the way both of their mom’s stood together and cried as Jessica got into her dress.  They have been a family for years.

So needless to say, there wasn’t a dry eye on their wedding day.  Not one.  A love like Jess + Corey have is rare and such an honor to have witnessed on the day they became husband and wife.  My favorite moments of the day were definitely the look on Corey’s face as Jess came down the aisle, the way Jess could not contain her excitement when they were finally officially married, and how Corey surprised Jess by changing the first dance song to say the most perfect words to his new bride.

Congratulations Jessica + Corey!  Keep loving each other better every day, the way you have been all along.  You are such a beautiful example of love :)

Here are a few of my favorites from their day:


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  • October 10, 2014 - 11:10 am

    Kiva Straser - These pictures are amazing! You have a wonderful eye for photography. I know the whole family and they are absolutely in love with these pictures! Great job!

Sarah + Chris could not have had a more beautiful wedding day! The weather was perfect at Turf Valley soaking up the last bits of summer, and the golden light made me squeal!  It was such an honor to be able to capture these two on their big day and to celebrate as these two incredibly sweet people joined together as husband and wife! Enjoy a peak at their day!

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