Gah!  I’m so excited to share this very American country engagement session today.  When I met up with Carli + Gene at Gene’s grandparents farm for their pictures, I had no idea how amazing the background for our evening was going to be!  I was in heaven! The best part of the day was that this location held such a special place for Carli + Gene.  Not only is it family land, but it was the place they had their very first date too!  It was so much fun walking through the fields, taking so gorgeous pictures and watching the way these two love each other.  I think it’s pretty clear they are a perfect match.  Enjoy some of my favorites!

Meet Carli + Gene:

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I knew from the minute I met Apoorva + Robert that I was going to have so much fun with them.  These two are hysterical and I didn’t stop laughing through their entire engagement session! We met up at Meadowlark Gardens on a gorgeous spring afternoon and minus some very angry momma geese chasing us around (I may or may not have squealed so loud that I scared people) we had such a blast. Apoorva is both sweet and sassy, and Robert is the calm romantic.  I love the way they tease each other, laugh together and make love look like a whole lot of fun.  I absolutely cannot wait for their summer wedding to get here! Enjoy a few favorites!

Meet Apoorva + Robert:

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When Kristine suggested that we meet in her neighborhood for engagement pictures I had no idea that when I pulled up I would find the most beautiful, breathtaking spring scenery! I practically squealed at the blooming trees. Not to mention the awesome outfits that Kristine + Thang picked out.  Their session was beautiful, colorful and a lot of fun – just like them.  They are two of the sweetest people, and I just loved the way they just couldn’t stop smiling at each other the whole time we were together.  Enjoy a few of my favorites from our day!

Meet Kristine + Thang:

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So I know I tell you all the time how awesome my couples are.  They really are the best!  And lately…they have been downright hysterical too!  I feel like I’ve been with my couples non-stop the last few weeks for spring engagement sessions and I’ve laughed until my sides ache! This streak of funny couples definitely started with Sabrina + Anthony.  We met up to photograph their engagement pictures in Historic Leonardtown, which was gorgeous! As we made our way from the cute downtown area to the waterfront we did nothing but laugh!  They both have the best sense of humor and it’s clear they love to laugh together.  And when Anthony makes Sabrina smile, it just lights up her whole face!  Here are a few of my favorites from our time together!

Meet Sabrina + Anthony:

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Spring wedding season has officially kicked off and I could not have been happier to begin with Jen + Martin’s elegant country wedding at one of my favorite venues! Jen + Martin are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet and they could not have been more excited to get married! Martin took every opportunity to tell Jen just how beautiful she was and he just couldn’t stop looking at her.  The day was filled with sunshine, happiness and a few tears too.  Every detail of the day was full of meaning, from Jen’s sister surprising her by adding their parents wedding rings and lace from their mother’s wedding dress to her bouquet, to the anniversary dance to celebrate Jen’s grandparents 68 years of marriage. It was such a perfect day and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it.

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Venue | Sotterley Plantation

Design and Coordination | Hitched by Heather

Videography | Paul Kwak Productions

Hair | The Hair Company

Makeup | Miranda Paige

Catering | Mike’s BBQ

Music | DJ Jon

Flowers | David’s Flowers