Linda + Ryan’s wedding day was like something out of a fairy tale.  Even now it makes my heart overflow (and my eyes get a little watery).  The amount of love that was poured into this day was epic.  It was in the incredible personal details, like the arbor that Linda’s family built, and the display of their mother’s wedding dresses.  It was in the way Linda’s amazing sisters and friends stood by her, loved on her, and made her laugh.  And it was in the way that Linda + Ryan looked at each other all day, so much in love, and with a quiet understanding that they were really blessed to be starting this part of their love story together, surrounded by so much beauty and so many amazing friends and family.

Linda + Ryan – it was such an honor to be a part of your special day and to be able to capture all of that beautiful love.  I wish you two all of the happiness in the world!

A few of my favorites from their beautiful Sotterley Plantation wedding:

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Happy Monday friends! Oh boy.  It has been a very, very busy spring/summer wedding season and I’ve just hit my midway point in my 2014 season.  I’m sad to see it go by so quickly, but I’m so happy for all of my sweet couples on starting this new chapter in their lives!

The next few weeks slow down for me and it is very much needed.  I’ll be spending this time getting some beautiful weddings edited, shooting a few engagement sessions, meeting with a few 2015 couples, taking a few days to sit on a beach and breathe in the ocean air and  launching two new projects that I’m super excited about!

Mostly, I’ll be taking this time to get geared up and refreshed for the rest of the 2014 wedding season.  Here’s what’s been going on/random thoughts/what to expect on the blog the next few weeks:


  •  Last Sunday morning, after an absolutely amazing wedding day with Sam + Bubba (on the blog on Friday!) I packed up the car and headed down to the Bay to photograph a stunning styled shoot with some of my favorite people.  Including these two above who came to model for me in the middle of July with no questions asked, and absolutely worked it – 90 degree heat and all!
  • Weddings.  Expect to see lots of wedding catch up on the blog.  Starting tomorrow with Linda + Ryan’s gorgeous Sotterley Plantation wedding day.
  • In two weeks I’m going to launch a new project that has been on my heart for awhile now and I’m. So. Nervous.  But I’m also really excited. I can’t wait to share with you all what’s coming up for SWP.
  • I welcomed four new couples to the 2015 wedding season family in the past few weeks and I’m so excited to work with each of them!  And yes, sometimes I think of my couples by their year of marriage, as if they were a graduating class.  Graduating into married life.  It works for me.
  • Marathon training took a back seat to weddings over the past month, but this week I’m getting back on track and I’m even taking my neon blue running shoes to visit the ocean.
  • Are you on Instagram?  I’ve been loving following friends and clients -  it’s often easier (and prettier) to use than Facebook!  Plus the photographer is me just loves the idea of socializing via images!  You can find me on Instagram here.

Have a great week and check back for beautiful weddings, engagements and portrait sessions all week!




I met up with Sarah + Chris for their engagement session at the place where it all started, Georgetown University. I was so excited for their session! Georgetown is close to my own heart too and I had already mentally checked off the locations I wanted to shoot.  The cloudy day didn’t give us much of a sunset, but it did send us some beautiful light and a little breeze (I love wind blown hair!)

Sarah + Chris made my job so easy!  They are adorable together and they have such a sweet way of loving on each other!  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their session and I can’t wait to be there to capture their wedding a little later this summer!

Meet Sarah + Chris:

2014-07-10_0001 2014-07-10_0004 2014-07-10_0005 2014-07-10_0003 2014-07-10_0002 2014-07-10_0010 2014-07-10_0006 2014-07-10_0007 2014-07-10_0009 2014-07-10_0008 2014-07-10_0015 2014-07-10_0011 2014-07-10_0012 2014-07-10_0013 2014-07-10_0016 2014-07-10_0017 2014-07-10_0014 2014-07-10_0020 2014-07-10_0018 2014-07-10_0019 2014-07-10_0021 2014-07-10_0022 2014-07-10_0023 2014-07-10_0024


I’m so excited to share Paige + Mike’s wedding with you today!  It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since I first met these two at Rachael + Patrick’s wedding day (Paige + Rachael were each other’s MOH). As I drove down to Weatherly Farm, I could not have imagined a more perfect day or location!  Weatherly is such a beautiful venue and made the perfect backdrop for Paige + Mike’s big day.

Paige + Mike, I just loved all of your gorgeous purple details, the fastest wedding ceremony in history, your awesome friends and family, and most of all the crazy amounts of love that you two obviously share.  I hope you all enjoy some of my favorites from their big day!


2014-06-26_0001 2014-06-26_0002 2014-06-26_0003 2014-06-26_0004 2014-06-26_0005 2014-06-26_0024 2014-06-26_0006 2014-06-26_0007 2014-06-26_0008 2014-06-26_0009 2014-06-26_0010 2014-06-26_0011 2014-06-26_0012 2014-06-26_0013 2014-06-26_0014 2014-06-26_0015 2014-06-26_0016 2014-06-26_0017 2014-06-26_0018 2014-06-26_0019 2014-06-26_0020 2014-06-26_0022 2014-06-26_0021 2014-06-26_0023 2014-06-26_0025 2014-06-26_0026 2014-06-26_0027 2014-06-26_0028 2014-06-26_0029 2014-06-26_0030



I met Linda + Ryan for the first time the day of their engagement session…which also happened to be just five days before their wedding! It was a little different, but Linda + Ryan are an amazing couple and within the first five minutes I felt like I had known them forever.  They are so incredibly sweet and laid back and their love and happiness is just palpable when you are with them.  There was so much excitement, emotion and absolute joy radiating from them both!  It was awesome getting to know them and it got me SO excited for their wedding day! I knew before I even viewed these images how stunning they were going to be!  Love like this just leaps out at you.

Meet Linda + Ryan:

2014-06-24_0002 2014-06-24_0001 2014-06-24_0004 2014-06-24_0003 2014-06-24_0005 2014-06-24_0006 2014-06-24_0007 2014-06-24_0008 2014-06-24_0009 2014-06-24_0010 2014-06-24_0011 2014-06-24_0012 2014-06-24_0013 2014-06-24_0014 2014-06-24_0015 2014-06-24_0016 2014-06-24_0017 2014-06-24_0019 2014-06-24_0018

Just wait until you see their wedding later this week!