Happy Monday friends! So, today’s post is about a new project that has been on my heart for quite some time.  It’s really hard for me to put my big dreams out there, so this one has my chest pumping a little bit. But I announced this quietly to a small group of friends and family a few months ago and it was SO well received.  After some time spent working out the kinks and finalizing the details – I’m really excited to announce to everyone the opening of the Love Sessions.

So what are the Love Sessions?  Well, these are sessions meant for couples in love.  No matter where you are in your journey – from newlyweds to couples celebrating 50 years of marriage – these sessions are meant to take a break from every day life and celebrate your love story.  This is not just a photo session, but more of adventure.  These sessions are meant to be an exciting experience that ultimately captures this moment in your story, and leaves behind a tangible piece of the legacy you are creating together

My hope is to do a LOT of these sessions.  Because, let’s face it, the world can always use more love stories.  And that is my ultimate goal.  To capture and share these love stories with the world.

Sessions have already started booking all over the country and I will be announcing some travel dates for 2015 later this week, but so far I know for sure I will be bringing the Love Sessions to the Outer Banks of North Carolina; Charleston, SC;  Savannah, GA; Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI; Dallas, TX; San Diego, CA; and New York City, NY! I am so excited!

So, in the spirit of the holidays I’m offering a special for bookings through Black Friday:


I’m looking forward to capturing many love stories in the next year!  For more information and to book your session – please contact me here.

Have a great day everyone!  Check back for two new weddings on the blog later this week!

Hi Everyone!  Well, fall is in full swing here in the Mid-Atlantic, the trees are changing and it got COLD this weekend! I thought I might be escaping the weather as I headed down south for my last wedding of this twelve week stretch, but I think I might have taken it with me (Oops! Sorry Florida!)

October was a crazy whirl-wind with five weddings, multiple portrait sessions, and traveling through every state on the East Coast from Maine to Florida in eight days,  and I think it’s okay to finally say, I’m a little tired, but so blessed to be able to have this awesome business. This week is all about catching up – editing my last few gorgeous weddings and taking a little down time for hot chocolate, cozy sweaters, exciting project planning for the coming month, and maybe a nap.

Here are a few sneak peeks of what is coming up on the blog this week!

fall_classic_waterfront_wedding 2014-11-03_0002 beach_wedding_sunet

As I drove down to Olde Breton Inn for Mary + Kenny’s wedding day…it was pouring down raining.  Mary was cool as a cucumber. I was a little nervous, but just kept repeating out loud that the weather report said it would stop mid-day, and I just kept praying they were right for once.  We got Mary dressed and ready to go…and the rain let up and gave us the most beautiful overcast sky.  Mary + Kenny are the sweetest couple and I knew they couldn’t have anything less than a beautiful day!  These two adore each other so much, and it shines through in the way they look at each other in quiet moments to the way they laugh together.  Favorite moments of the day were definitely the relaxed time turning Mary into a bride and hanging out with all of her awesome bridesmaids; Kenny consulting his groomsmen at the alter before saying “I do”, and getting a unanimous yes after a coinflip; and the awesome friends and family who came out to support these two and started the singing and dancing before dinner was even finished!   Enjoy a little peak into their amazing wedding day!

Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0001 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0002 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0009 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0003 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0004 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0010 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0011 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0012 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0017 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0043 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0042 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0020 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0021 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0022 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0019 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0023 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0024 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0025 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0026 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0027 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0013 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0018 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0014 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0015 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0028 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0029 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0030 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0031 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0032 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0033 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0035 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0034 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0044 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0037 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0036 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0038 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0008 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0005 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0006 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0007 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0016 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0040 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0041 Old_Breton_Inn_Wedding_Navy_Yellow_Sunflower_0039

The amazing team who made this beautiful day come to life!

 Venue: Olde Breton Inn

Planning and Coordination: Hitched by Heather

Makeup: Miranda Paige Makeup

DJ: Ernie, Invincible Entertainment

Flowers: David’s Flowers

Catering: Bailey’s Catering Inc.