If ever there was a love story I wanted to tell, it is Heather + Jake’s.   It started about 12 years ago.  Heather + Jake are high school sweethearts and according to Heather it was love at first sight.  You can tell by the way that Jake looks at her that he feels the same.  High school sweethearts are my favorite.  There is something so deep and knowing about that kind of love that gives me goosebumps.  I think it’s because of the way you grow up together, learn about change and patience together.  And if you are doing it right, you just keep falling more in love.

Heather + Jake have been through a lot up to this point of their story.  Long distance, months of deployments, changes in careers – and they clearly have learned how to grow together.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing them for the last few years and I love the way they take care of each other. They support each other, they encourage each other, they laugh together and they face every new challenge and adventure that life brings them side by side, hand in hand.  My hope is that one day, they will look back on these images and smile when they remember how this moment in their journey felt.  Keep holding hands.  Keep laughing.  And love each other more tomorrow than you did today.

{Makeup by the amazing Miranda Paige}

Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0246 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0245 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0244 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0243 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0248 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0251 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0253 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0252 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0254 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0255 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0250 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0257 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0256 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0259 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0249 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0247 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0258 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0260 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0261 Maryland_Emerald_Beach_Anniversary_Photography_0262

Oh my goodness.  Trying to find the words to describe this wedding day has been nearly impossible.  It was one of those days so overwhelmingly full of love and happiness that it’s hard to describe – but it was a pretty spectacular thing to be a part of.

I don’t think it’s any secret that I get a bit emotional about my couples.  Over the months leading up to their wedding day, I get to know them well and they become friends who I truly cannot wait to see start their happily ever after.  This goes double  for Elizabeth + AW.  From the first moment I met them I have just loved them and I waited all wedding season for their big day to arrive!! It was nothing short of perfect, from the gorgeous Woodlawn Estate venue, to the beautiful weather, and, of course, the amazing friends and family who were so genuinely happy to share in this day.

It was such an honor to be able to capture the start of this new adventure for Elizabeth + AW!  I think these images help to say all the things that I can’t find the words for.


woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0069 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0025 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0026 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0027 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0028 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0033 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0032 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0034 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0038 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0031 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0043 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0044 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0045 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0046 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0047 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0048 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0049 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0050 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0035 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0036 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0037 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0039 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0051 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0052 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0055 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0053 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0066 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0057 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0058 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0056 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0029 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0030 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0042 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0040 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0041 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0068 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0059 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0061 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0060 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0062 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0063 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0064 woodlawn_waterfront_rustic_blush_wedding_0067

Happy Monday friends! So, today’s post is about a new project that has been on my heart for quite some time.  It’s really hard for me to put my big dreams out there, so this one has my chest pumping a little bit. But I announced this quietly to a small group of friends and family a few months ago and it was SO well received.  After some time spent working out the kinks and finalizing the details – I’m really excited to announce to everyone the opening of the Love Sessions.

So what are the Love Sessions?  Well, these are sessions meant for couples in love.  No matter where you are in your journey – from newlyweds to couples celebrating 50 years of marriage – these sessions are meant to take a break from every day life and celebrate your love story.  This is not just a photo session, but more of adventure.  These sessions are meant to be an exciting experience that ultimately captures this moment in your story, and leaves behind a tangible piece of the legacy you are creating together

My hope is to do a LOT of these sessions.  Because, let’s face it, the world can always use more love stories.  And that is my ultimate goal.  To capture and share these love stories with the world.

Sessions have already started booking all over the country and I will be announcing some travel dates for 2015 later this week, but so far I know for sure I will be bringing the Love Sessions to the Outer Banks of North Carolina; Charleston, SC;  Savannah, GA; Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI; Dallas, TX; San Diego, CA; and New York City, NY! I am so excited!

So, in the spirit of the holidays I’m offering a special for bookings through Black Friday:


I’m looking forward to capturing many love stories in the next year!  For more information and to book your session – please contact me here.

Have a great day everyone!  Check back for two new weddings on the blog later this week!