I knew the minute I met Jenn + Justin I was going to love working with them.  Jenn has the most incredibly sweet and bubbly personality and Justin is a true Southern gentleman.  They are a perfect match and they just get what life and love are really about.  And it’s palpable in their engagement pictures.  Oh my goodness did I have trouble narrowing these down!  I seriously cannot wait to capture their wedding day next month!  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites – starting off the first college football weekend of the season in perfect fashion!

Meet Jenn + Justin:
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I met up with John and Suzanne at the beautiful Breaux Vineyards for their engagement session on what was supposed to be a lovely day…that turned a little rainy.  Luckily these two aren’t afraid of a little water and so we went for it! This gorgeous back drop is a favorite location for John + Suzanne to relax together and I can see why!  I could photograph the Virginia vineyards every day!

John + Suzanne were so much fun to work with.  These two keep each other laughing constantly (I have a folder full of blooper shots to prove it!) which is so important in my book.  I cannot wait to watch these two tie the knot on the gorgeous beaches of Florida later this year! And let’s hope no one ends up in the ocean….

Meet John + Suzanne:

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I’m sure I sound like a broken record saying how sweet all of my couples are.  But, really.  My couples are just the most wonderful, sweet people and I’m so blessed to know them all and to have the honor of being with them and capturing such an important day in their lives.  Sam + Bubba are no exception.  Ever since I met them I’ve just loved them and it’s been an amazing experience getting to know them and seeing how much they love each other.

Sam + Bubba had the most perfect wedding day – not just beautiful weather, but also beautiful family and friends to support them.  Not to mention a very large and gorgeous wedding party!  It was so clear how much these two love each other, and how happy everyone was to share in their big day.

Here are a few of my favorites from their beautiful Sotterley Plantation wedding!

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I felt like I had been waiting for Katie + Chase’s big day to get here forever!! Katie and I met up over a year ago for the first time with her wonderful Mama and MOH and I just fell in love with all of them!  I knew before I had even met Chase that he was a pretty special guy to have won Katie’s heart.  These two have had their fair share of life’s tests before they even said their wedding vows, but they have stood by each other through it all and I think there is an amazing kind of love that comes from that.  I was so happy to be able to capture their big day when it finally came, and I didn’t stop smiling and laughing with them and their awesome family and friends all day.  It was such an amazing celebration and I’m so excited to share a few of my favorite moments:


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Katie + Chase – You know I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and continuing to laugh and love just the same as you did on your wedding day.  You are an amazing couple and I’m so glad to know you!